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Tornado Girl, also known by her secret identity as Colette, is a superhero and a member of Thunder Cloud.

Powers and Abilities[]

She has the ability to manipulate wind, forming tornadoes. She can use this ability to fly, as well.

Original Comics[]

Thunder Boy and his brother, Snap Dragon, rescued Colette and Ari one day, both of whom were wearing yellow. Thunder Boy had to sacrifice the Thunder Sword to give them their powers, thus forming the team Thunder Cloud. (Thunder Boy Comics)

In addition to her adventures with the team, Tornado Girl had a number of solo adventures. In one, she used her tornado powers to invade an office building, and stop evildoers inside. (Tornado Girl Comics)

Return of the Thunder Cloud[]

Tornado Girl, like the rest of the team, inherited her powers by touching the Blue Crystal in a clearing in the forest. When they were experimenting with their powers the next day, she discovered she was able to control the air. Among other things, she could alter the ionization in the air to redirect Thunder Boy's electrical discharges.

In adulthood, she became a teacher, and was hesitant to return to her duties as a superhero once a shard of the Blue Crystal was discovered. However, upon being convinced to try out her powers again, she agreed. ("Return of the Thunder Cloud")

A Thunder Cloud Story[]

After the official final battle of Thunder Cloud, Thunder Boy disbanded the team. Colette strongly opposed this, and proposed to Snap Dragon that the team be reformed, but without Thunder boy if he isn't interested. Over the years, however, the remaining members of Thunder Cloud each went their separate ways. ("A Thunder Cloud Story")


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