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The Thunder Cloud Revival Concept, or Remake, was a proposed movie series which would re-imagine the Thunder Cloud characters in the 1990s. No films or other works were produced, but the stories discussed in this concept proved influential on future Thunder Cloud works, such as on Return of the Thunder Cloud, Thunder Cloud (2006 comic), and A Thunder Cloud Story, all of which contain variations on the origin story from this revival idea.

Origin Story[]

The kids somehow came together in the woods in the middle of the night and found the Blue Crystal, glowing with brilliant power. When they touched it, its power transferred into them, granting them superpowers.


In this version, the heroes drastically changed their appearance when they assumed their hero identities, with Blue Tiger becoming a tiger-like monster and Snap Dragon becoming a dragon.


Though the concept initially generated much enthusiasm, it was eventually dropped. The creator would later try again, with another revival idea, which also failed, but wasn't as influential.