After the failure of the Thunder Cloud Revival Concept, Chris envisioned a second idea for how to remake the franchise. This time, the characters were drastically re-imagined as more independent superheroes who come together to form a team, rather than gaining their powers at the same time.

The concept also re-imagined the team's personalities and powers. This is probably the first incarnation of the team to be adults.

Origins Edit

Each of the characters had his/her own origin story in this concept.

  • Thunder Boy was originally a worker in a power plant, who was caught in an accident, transforming him into an electrical being.
  • Snap Dragon was wandered into a cave, where he met an ancient wizard, who gave him his power.
  • The other two origins are sadly lost to history.

Powers Edit

  • Thunder Boy, unlike other incarnations, was a fully electrical being. He could convert himself into electricity and travel along power cables, and more.
  • Blue Tiger was now a hulking, blue beast - much like "Beast" from the X-Men comics.
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