Cloud Base

The Cloud Base, as it appears in early screenshots of Thunder Cloud: The NuLabs Conspiracy.


The Cloud Base serves as the logo for this wiki. It's an actual cloud in the sky, with a telescope pointing out of it.

The Cloud Base is one of the bases used by Thunder Cloud. It's located inside of a cloud, and has an incredibly sophistocated telescope that allows the heroes to look out on the world.

Original ComicsEdit

Thunder Boy inherited the base from his father (a god) along with the Thunder Sword following Thunder Boy learning of his father's existance. (Thunder Boy Comics)

Return of the Thunder CloudEdit

The Cloud Base was first discovered by Thunder Boy when he was fighting Diamond Men in the sky. For many years, the team used it as a base. When they reached adulthood, having long since abandoned their superhero identities, the base had been long abandoned and it was uncertain whether it even still existed. ("Return of the Thunder Cloud")

The NuLabs ConspiracyEdit

The Cloudbase features prominently in this game. ("Thunder Cloud: The NuLabs Conspiracy")


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