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Blue Tiger, also known by his secret identity as Ari, is a member of Thunder Cloud.

Powers and Abilities[]

Blue Tiger has the strength of a tiger. In some versions, he is actually able to transform into a tiger-like creature.

Original Comics[]

Blue Tiger, along with Tornado Girl, gained his powers when Thunder Boy sacrificed the Thunder Sword to give its power to them. He had Tiger Strength and Speed. In addition to that, he used a grappling hook and other devices. (Thunder Boy Comics)

On one solo adventure, he invaded a pirate ship and, after a long battle, was able to defeat the pirates. (Blue Tiger Comics)


This Blue Tiger would have been able to transform into a giant blue tiger, with claws alongside the strength and speed but no devices.

Return of the Thunder Cloud[]

Ari gained his powers, like the rest of the team, by touching the Blue Crystal. Afterwards, his powers did not immediately manifest, though he did seem to be able to make an impressive leap. When he was kidnapped along with his sister by Diamond Men, he transformed into a massive humanoid tiger and ripped them to shreds, helping Thunder Boy who was trying to rescue him. ("Return of the Thunder Cloud")

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