The Blue Crystal is a divine artifact which is the source of the powers of the main four members of Thunder Cloud. In most versions of the story, it's found atop some form of pedestal in a clearing in a forest.


In this continuity, the four heroes gained their powers by touching the blue crystal in the forest. Few details are known. ("Thunder Cloud Revival Concept")

This is a completely different origin than the one seen in the original comics, and is the first appearance of the Blue Crystal.

Return of the Thunder CloudEdit

The four children found the Blue Crystal in the forest near Colette's house, and touched it in the night. They all gained super powers thereafter, eventually losing them before becoming adults.

However, the crystal was fractured at some point, and a shard of it was left under a floorboard in Colette & Ari's old house, enough for Zack to find and use to restore their powers. ("Return of the Thunder Cloud")

Thunder Cloud (film)Edit

In this continuity, the crystal was left in the forest after the kids gave up their superhero status and remained there until Snap Dragon and Blue Tiger decided to return and regain their powers. Leila Louvers accompanied them, though it's unknown if the crystal also gave her powers. ("2009 film")

Though the scene with the blue crystal went unfilmed, the prop had been procured and it was scripted.

Thunder Cloud (2006 comic)Edit

In this continuity, the kids, living at Brookdale Orphanage, were driven to escape the orphanage when a mysterious villain showed up. Escaping through the forest, they came across the Blue Crystal, which gave them their super powers. ("2006 comic")

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