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Alice, watching over the city.

Alice, also known by her secret identity as Laura, is one of the later additions to the Thunder Cloud team. She was the daughter of Randolph Trent, the founder of NuLabs, and uses technology from her father's company as her armor, weapons, and tools in her identity as Alice.

In the original Thunder Boy Comics, she was Thunder Boy's sister, and the daughter of Thunder Boy's Father. Her other sibling was Snap Dragon.

Armaments and Abilities[]

Alice carries a hypercharged computerized rod, as her primary weapon. It's capable of discharging focused beams of electromagnetic energy, which can be used as a weapon.

Official Biography (From Cloud Base's Database)[]

Thunder Cloud File #005: Alice

The daughter of billionaire Randolph Trent, the founder of the NuLabs company, this young girl alone knew of the evil things her father was doing with their company's technology. No longer content to allow such things to happen, she used advanced NuLabs technology to create a battlesuit for herself, becoming the superhero known as Alice, dedicated to stopping evil wherever she may find it, especially if NuLabs is involved.

Alice is one of the newer members of the superhero team Thunder Cloud , and at first had trouble earning the trust of her teammates , due to her association with NuLabs and her mysterious nature. However, the other heroes in Thunder Cloud have come to rely on and trust her with their lives, over the course of many shared adventures through the years.

Although Alice often works alone, she remains a steadfast member of the team. And although they know they will team up with her only rarely, the rest of the team (even Blue Tiger, although he'd never admit it) knows that she is a true friend and ally who helped them become what they are today.

And Alice, of course, knows that no matter how many years may pass, she'll always have a home in the Secret Cloud Observatory, Thunder Cloud's sky-based headquarters.

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